I have a story to tell you.
And am eager to hear yours. A lifelong bookie, I am a living history of the changes in the book industry. When I learned to read at age four I saw my local library with its towering shelves of paper books as my window to the world and my mother soon had to persuade the librarian to give me a full privilege rather than a children’s only so I could read such scandalous books as Gone with the Wind. I mean, Rhett does get a little drunk and carries Scarlett up the stairs to do who knows what. My other bookie experiences—earning a PhD in American literature, teaching lit in high school and college, owning and managing a book store, and working in public and university libraries. Now, having taken most of my paper books that permeated my house to the public library for the fundraising sale, I’m on my second Kindle, am entering into the world of electronic publishing with this blog and am writing a book to first micropublish, then eBook publish, and then the moon, which I still see as having my book with my name it on the bookshelf at the local bookstore though I’m not sure there will be any left. Please, fellow bookies, read and contribute to my blog. I will also need help as I research THE BOOK, a true crime novel, and the other books that will follow.


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  1. Fellow bookie over here. I’m the one waving furiously, holding up my copy of your just released BOOK. Please autograph it for me. (This is what I envision for you when your work is published! Come on over and have a serving of alphabetstory and we’ll talk about libraries.

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