Dick is bad Do you remember learning to read? I wonder if others are like me and there was a particular moment when you noticed that letters had particular patterns and the patterns added up to words. I was four years old and looking through my brother’s bookshelf. He was five years older than me and at school. I had pulled out one of these what seem today insipid Dick and Jane books, probably the first one in the series as it had to be very basic. And all that repetition–“see Dick run. Look, look, see Dick run” suddenly made sense. I pulled out other books and noticed the patterns in other books. I could read. I ran to my mother who greeted my exciting news somewhat negatively, afterall, I was only four. “You’re just memorizing the words, not really reading.” But I knew better and I knew I could now travel beyond my rather confined life at the time. And no, Dick was never as bad as he is in this picture.


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