Reading in a Tree

The Trixie Belden mysteries were the first book series I became addicted to, meaning I couldn’t wait for the next volume to come out. Maggie, who was my best friend and next door neighbor, and I would read them sitting up in a tree in her back yard when we were about ten. I think what drew us in to the books was that the teen characters in them ad such a totally different life style from our urban existence. They rode around in their western US setting on horses solving mysteries, attending rodeos and county fairs in the meanwhile. Not only couldn’t we ride horses through our neighborhood, there just didn’t seem to be any mysteries to be solved. We preferred the main or detective character, Trixie, with her tom boyish, can do attitude and short sandy blond hair to the more popular Nancy Drew who was conventionally pretty and had a boyfriend perpetually away at college. Trixie did have more elegant friends, Diane and Honey, who, now that I think about it, looked quite a bit like Nancy. As I recall the typical plot, Trixie would help her friends out of jams until she got in the biggest jam of all and then solved whatever mystery had happened to come up, say, the identity of a mysterious visitor (the title of one of the books) to the area. You probably had a series that grabbed you as a kid, please tell about your experience.


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